We love making apps.  Here are the apps that are currently available for purchase from us.
We are always looking for ideas for a new app, so if you have a idea you want to see made into a app, contact us at support@composedchaos.com

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Fridge Learning - Letters

Fridge Learning - Letters is a educational application that turns your iPad into a learning tool for preschoolers. The child can simply touch the letter on the fridge and the application will say the letter in English, as well as show a example picture of something that starts with this letter.


Life's Little Instructions
(iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)

Life's hard. Make it a bit easier with Life's Little Instructions (L.L.I.).

With over 270 "life instructions" to help you make it a bit easier. More being added monthly.

It's as simple as running L.L.I. and you will be greeted with a random instruction. You can always generate another one or save it to your clipboard to send to a friend, email or post on your favorite social network.

Cheech And Chong Soundboard
(iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)

Light one up and get ready to smile. The Cheech and Chong soundboard for your iPhone and iPod Touch is here!

With over 20 voice clips and more being added regularly you will always be ready for a chuckle.

Don't wait until 420 and download today!

Microsoft Points Converter
(iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)

Have you ever wondered how much that game, media, add-on or avatar item actually costs on Xbox Live, Games for Windows Marketplace, Windows Live Gallery and Zune online store? Wonder no longer with the Microsoft Points Converter. This App will take the MS Point amount and convert it into a currency of your choice. Simply type in the point amount and tap the flag of the currency you want to convert.

"Xbox", "Xbox Live", "Zune", "Games For Windows", "Windows Live Gallery", "Microsoft Points" and "Microsoft" are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

(iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)

Do you ever wish you had a sound effect for the conversation with your friend, co-worker or family member? Now you can with iRimshot.

With over 25 sound and voice clips to help bring some pizazz to your next conversation. So you can add the sound of crickets chirping to the next lame joke told, or a "rimshot" to the next zinger!

Be the best part of the conversation with iRimshot.

iRimshot (Free Version)
(iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)

This version is a free, ad supported version of iRimshot.

The above description is for the full version, the free version supports only 7 sounds.



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